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Discover A New Level Of Hands on in Phlebotomy


Phlebotomy Introduction

8 Clock Hours

Students will learn the foundation of phlebotomy. Safety, infection control, HIPAA, and professionalism will be the focus on the first day. Students will get hands on with basic phlebotomy supplies and learn how to perform a safe venipuncture with proper technique.

Phlebotomy Training

21 Clock Hours

Students will learn how to prepare the patient, proper cleaning techniques, finding the vein, and the order of draw. In addition to these techniques, students will learn how to ensure every draw is a quality specimen, as well as common risks and challenges the phlebotomist may encounter. Students will learn advanced skills such as capillary draws, culture collection, and fluid collection. We will discuss the difference between lab types, and basic lab functions. Students will also learn how to take patient vitals and perform CPR.

Job Placement

3 Clock Hours

Job placement presentation. Interviewing skills on how to prepare for a job interview, including proper dress, do’s and don’ts of an interview, resume preparation and a professional head shot.

  • CPR Certification included in tuition​

  • CPT National Certification Exam fee included in tuition

Phlebotomy Certification Examination Information

The Academy proctors the CPT Exam on site, and the cost of the CPT exam is included in tuition.

CPT Certification Final Exam - 100 Questions 

The national exam is 100 questions in length.  You have 120 minutes to complete the exam. You are provided one attempt to pass the National Certification Exam. You must score an 85% or better to become certified.


Any costs associated with repeating the exam, is the student’s full responsibility.

Requirements to take the CPT exam are:

High School Diploma or GED

Have a clean background (Case by case)

Completion of a Phlebotomy Training Program or 1 year of on-the-job experience in the past 3 years

30 successful blood draws

10 successful capillary sticks

Phlebotomy overview


Phlebotomy class start dates:

  • September 9th 2023 - September 30th 2023 (4 Saturday Classes 8am-4pm)

  • October 16th 2023 - November 6th 2023 (4 Monday Classes 8am-4pm)


Program Entrance Requirements

The Academy does not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, marital status, nation origin, race or religion.

If you are interested in signing up for the Phlebotomy Program we need the following:

  • Completion of an Admission Interview

  • A valid ID

  • Must be at least 18 years of age

  • High School Diploma, GED or equivalent

  • Know what payment option you are going to choose

  • Sign the Student Enrollment Agreement, Release of Liability, and Infection Control Policy


Tuition & Payments

Phlebotomy Program
Tuition Total $3500 

Tuition Includes: One set of scrubs, online textbook, unlimited practice exams, supplies, materials, PPE’s, stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, CPR certification, and the National CPT exam fee.



We offer 4 payment options to help you out with payments, view below and choose the best option for you. 


Payment in full. Includes a 5% discount if paid in full in one transaction.


Four weekly payments, interest free, with the Registration Fee of $200.00 put down to hold your seat. (First payment due by the first day of class, and every 7 days thereafter.)


Private Student Loan secured by the student through Paramount Capital Group

(Needs to qualify). If qualified, a registration Fee of $200.00 is required to hold your seat. Must apply online:


Payment through a grant program (Needs to qualify)

  • Below is information listed on agencies that might be able to assist you gain a grant opportunity through WIOA. Desert Dental & Health Academy is on the ETPL (Eligible Training Provider List). You can contact your local workforce office for more information:

Arizona @ Work – Maricopa Workforce Connection

Phone: (602) 372-4200 -Phoenix

Phone: (602) 222-1630 -Surprise

Phone: (480) 497-0350 -Gilbert

Phone: (480) 962-7678 -Mesa

Arizona @ Work – Phoenix Workforce Connection

Phone: (623) 247-3304 -51st Avenue & Indian School

Phone: (602) 861-0208 -7th Street & Dunlap

For more information about WIOA below is a direct link to their website:

Apply for YOUTH  WORKFORCE services through Maricopa County

Apply for YOUTH  WORKFORCE services through the City of Phoenix

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