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Our Dental and Health School Programs

Dental Assistant Program

13 Weeks | $6,500

Dental Assistants that graduate from our program will be equipped with the tools and skills necessary to succeed. You will learn how to prepare treatment rooms, prep patients, and support your team as your patients receive treatment.

Phlebotomist Program

4 Weeks | $3,500

Phlebotomists that graduate from our program will be healthcare professionals who are skilled in collecting blood samples from patients for testing. This program includes all testing fees required for certification.

Orthodontic Assistant Program

30 Hours | $2,000

As a Dental Assistant, you can choose to further skill into an Orthodontic Assistant program as well! This course will help you get familiar with orthodontic procedures, and learning how to educate your patients.

BLS CPR Training Program

4 Hours | $65

Basic Life Support CPR (or BLS CPR) is a critical skill for anyone that wants to ensure that they have the skills and training necessary to save the life of another. Our program will teach you to perform CPR, and provides certification.

IV Training Program

4 Hours | $300

Our comprehensive IV training program offers health care professionals the opportunity to enhance their skills with IV insertion. 

Why Choose Desert Dental & Health Academy™ ?

20+ Years of Combined Experience

Our dental assistant graduates are some of the most skilled, and best equipped dental assistants in town, and we have years of experience teaching our students how to excel at their profession.

No Hidden Fees

When you enroll in one of our programs, the fee you pay is the ONLY fee you pay. Every program includes your certification fees, materials, and everything that you need to succeed.

High Quality Education

We intentionally set our class sizes to be small, and we focus on providing our students as much time as possible for hands-on experience in every program.

Dental and Health School Programs in Goodyear, AZ

Dental Assistant Program

Our Dental Assistant Program is a comprehensive and thorough 13 week program that instills in you the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to start your career as a Dental Assistant. Not only will you become proficient with the tools and procedures of a Dental Assistant, you will learn everything you need to know about Dental Anatomy & Dental Terminology so that you are a skilled, and well rounded professional.

Our dental assistant program has 100+ HOURS dedicated to procedure setup, and back office training to ensure that you have as much hands-on experience as possible.

Orthodontic Assistant Program

Desert Dental & Health Academy offers the Orthodontic Assistant Program to any Dental Assistant, or a student that has dental assistant experience. This is an advanced course that equips you with a unique set of skills that will help you with your career. 

The majority of our Orthodontic Assistant Program is focused on hands-on experience, and advanced setup of patient appointment rooms, as you will have already mastered Dental Anatomy & Dental Terminology in the Dental Assistant Program.

Phlebotomist Program

The Phlebotomist Program at Desert Dental & Health Academy is a hands-on focused program that allows you to become a nationally certified phlebotomist! In this program, we spend the first 8 hours teaching you the legalities & conduct that is expected from a licensed phlebotomist, as well as the safety procedures & HIPAA requirements of your new profession.  In this program, you will spend over 20+ hours practicing and learning the best ways to perform live draws, overcoming common challenges, and learning advanced techniques to equip you with a broad and effective skillset. 

BLS CPR Certification Program

Desert Dental & Health Academy offers Basic Life Support (BLS) CPR Training & Certification. BLS CPR will equip you with the knowledge on how to properly perform life saving CPR to a patient, and educates you on the best practices and legalities of administering CPR to a patient. 

Throughout our CPR program, you will learn how to properly administer CPR to infants, children, adults, and the elderly. You will also learn what information to provide to first responders, and how to care for your patient should you ever need to perform CPR to save a life.

Hear From REAL Students Of Desert Dental & Health Academy™

Desert Dental Assiting Academy truly is an amazing school. I would highly recommend this school to anyone looking to become a dental assitant. Kiara is an amazing instructor who is very sweet and welcoming. She’s is always sure to include everyone into everything we do in class. Despite the fact that she’s an amazing instructor, she was sure to make sure we were prepared for everything we needed to know for cornal polish and x-ray before graduating to ensure our success in passing our state exams. Our books and state tests are included into our tuition making everything much easier for us, as well as our uniforms. The class size is kept small for the main reason of getting more hands on experience and one on one time with the instructor. This school truly is amazing and they do their best to ensure you succeed!
Being a student at Desert Dental Health Academy has definitely been a great experience. By far. I believe to have the best Phlebotomy program in the state of Arizona. The owners and instructors really care about you gaining knowledge and passing. The environment from day one has been nothing but pleasant. I would recommend this school to anyone looking to further their education.
Amazing teachers!!, I had Kiara as my instructor, she was extremely nice, helpful, and understanding all around amazing teacher truly cares about her students and their success! I also had Nick as a sub once and he was also very helpful, supportive, and also an amazing teacher. On our cpr day we had Lewis who was incredible at showing us different scenarios and how to use proper techniques. Coming from a shy person they all truly make you feel comfortable and safe in the learning environment and care about your goals! I feel more than confident to start my career and I could not thank the entire staff enough.
If your looking for schooling regarding phlebotomy this is the place to go! I just took the course and had a wonderful experience. The environment is great and the phlebotomy instructor is very Knowledgeable and you get a good understanding of the information being delivered even in the 4 weeks. Luis and kiara are very kind hearted individuals that give you that warmth and Comfort that any student would need and want. I had a great time learning and I’m happy I got my certification with them!
Very happy with my experience here at desert dental academy. The small class size helps so much with hands on learning. I definitely feel prepared to entered the dental field. Kiara and nick are wonderful instructors and will go above and beyond to make sure you feel confident in any and all information you learn. I highly recommend coming here if you are interested in becoming a dental assistant!
In the 13 weeks of being at Desert Dental Assisting Academy, Kiara, Nick & Lewis have been stellar instructors/mentors— and that is an understatement. I took on 3 different courses and was provided with intricate 1-on-1 interactive training, constructive criticism, advice, and all the materials to succeed. I will be graduating from this academy knowing I’ve received the best education and enjoyed my time here as a student. This was by far the best self investment decision I’ve made and it is always in Kiara’s & Nick’s best interest to help you reach those goals. They care and treat you like family here— you wont get that anywhere else. Thank you 💗 If you’re ever looking to start or advance your Dental or Medical career, this is the spot. It’s never too late! 😊
Smaller environment so you’re able to get the hands-on/personal learning experience. Everyone here is a great help, they’re willing to answer every and all questions that you have. The phlebotomy program is short but very much worth taking, especially when hearing stories of other institutes, Desert Dental WILL give you the extensive knowledge to help you go above and beyond in your phlebotomy career.

Desert Dental & Health Academy Benefits :

Obtain Your Certifications

With Desert Dental & Health Academy, when you graduate from any of our programs, we assist you with getting your certifications that set you apart. Certification exam fees are included in your tuition.

Smaller Class Sizes For Better Learning

Comprehension is key. That is why our average class size is 1 instructor per 6 students. We believe in keeping class sizes smaller so that you get the MOST out of your investment.

All Fees Included In Tuition Pricing

With Desert Dental & Health Academy, you will never have to worry about last minute fees in the middle, or the end of your program and certification. We are 100% upfront with everything, and you actually get what you pay for.

Financing Options are Available

Worried about the cost of Tuition? We can help! We have financing options available to ease the burden of starting your new career so you can focus on learning your new craft.

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