Basic Life Support (BLS) CPR Certification

Interested in obtaining your CPR Certification? Desert Dental & Health Academy is here to help!

Top-Rated BLS CPR Certification Class

Desert Dental & Health Academy proudly offers a high quality Basic Life Support (BLS) CPR Certification Class for any student, or any person who would like to learn basic CPR skills. This class teaches you life saving skills in the event that CPR must be administered to any adult, child, or infant. Our team will cover the proper procedures, and provide hands-on experience for you to practice. You will become familiar with the techniques and instruments available such as Chest Compressions, Automated External Defibrillator (AED), and more.

Benefits of Our CPR Certification Course

What Information To Provide To First Responders

Hands-On Experience with AED's & Ambu Bags

Basic Life Support CPR Certification

Same Day Certification Card

Having your BLS CPR Certification can  give you piece of mind that if a medical emergency occurs, you have the skills & training needed to help save the life of someone in need. For healthcare professionals, updated BLS CPR certification is a requirement for several jobs, and it is important to stay on top of updates to CPR procedure.

CPR Certification Class Benefits

Each Class Includes

  • All Required Supplies & Materials
  • Friendly, Professional Instructors
  • CPR Certification

Payment Options

4 Hour Program | $65 Total Cost

Paid in Full

Full Upfront Payment

  • No Deposit Required
  • No Additional Payments

What Sets Desert Dental & Health Academy Apart?

Obtain Your Certifications

With Desert Dental & Health Academy, when you graduate from any of our programs, we assist you with getting your certifications that set you apart. Certification exam fees are included in your tuition.

Smaller Class Sizes For Better Learning

Comprehension is key. That is why our average class size is 1 instructor per 6 students. We believe in keeping class sizes smaller so that you get the MOST out of your investment.

All Fees Included In Tuition Pricing

With Desert Dental & Health Academy, you will never have to worry about last minute fees in the middle, or the end of your program and certification. We are 100% upfront with everything, and you actually get what you pay for.

Financing Options are Available

Worried about the cost of Tuition? We can help! We have financing options available to ease the burden of starting your new career so you can focus on learning your new craft.

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