IV Program

Are you an experienced health care professional looking to acquire a new set of skills to advance your career? 

Enhance Your Skills With Our IV Program

Desert Dental & Health Academy proudly offers our students the IV Program to help them develop advanced skills.  

What Will You Learn In Our IV Program?

Infection Control

Basic anatomy and physiology

Why proper IV insertion is important for proper medication administration

Supplies and equipment

Complications and troubleshooting techniques

Managing IV bags and tubing

Hands on skills practice

This is a hands-on program designed to give you a comprehensive education, as well as the skills & experience required to succeed. 

IV Program Requirements For Admission

Desert Dental & Health Academy does not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, marital status, nation origin, race, or religion.


Interested in our IV program  in Goodyear, AZ? The following is required in order to be eligible:

  • Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • A valid government issued ID.
  • Prerequisite: Proof of current employment in the health care field (medical or dental) or diploma/certificate of post-secondary education in a related health care field in medical or dental.
  • Enrollment agreement signed, infection control form signed, release of liability form signed and payment option chosen.

This program is strictly for academic improvement.

Tuition & Payments for IV Program

What Does Tuition Include?

Your Tuition will include:

  • All Required Supplies & Materials
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Gear

Payment Options

4 Hour Program | $300 Total Cost

At Desert Dental & Health Academy, we offer several convenient payment options.

Option 1

Full Upfront Payment

  • No Deposit Required
  • No Additional Payments
  • No Interest

Option 2


  • $200 Deposit Required to hold your seat
  • Deposit is applied to the full tuition amount
  • Remainder of payment due prior to the start of class

Student Loan

If you are in need of financial assistance, please see below to see if you qualify.

Option 3

Credit Scores: Credit as low as 520 can be accepted!

Choose: Anywhere from 2-12 Months

Pre Payment Penalty: None!

Based on your credit & other factors. 

What Sets Desert Dental & Health Academy Apart?

Obtain Your Certifications

With Desert Dental & Health Academy, when you graduate from any of our programs, we assist you with getting your certifications that set you apart. Certification exam fees are included in your tuition.

Smaller Class Sizes For Better Learning

Comprehension is key. That is why our average class size is 1 instructor per 6 students. We believe in keeping class sizes smaller so that you get the MOST out of your investment.

All Fees Included In Tuition Pricing

With Desert Dental & Health Academy, you will never have to worry about last minute fees in the middle, or the end of your program and certification. We are 100% upfront with everything, and you actually get what you pay for.

Financing Options are Available

Worried about the cost of Tuition? We can help! We have financing options available to ease the burden of starting your new career so you can focus on learning your new craft.

Ready To Launch Your New Career?

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